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Does Your Bra Fit Properly? Bra Fit Tips and Tricks

Does Your Bra Fit Properly? Bra Fit Tips and Tricks

Does Your Bra Fit Properly? Bra Fit Tips and TricksOver 50% of women all over the world wear the wrong bra type. Although most women know the correct band size and cup size, they do not get the right fit. This may be because they choose the wrong bra shape. Breasts are created in different shapes and bra shapes fit better on some.

Knowing the different bra shapes will help you choose a comfortable and well fitting bra. This will guarantee that you look good and feel beautiful no matter what you wear.

  1. Full cup

This bra is designed with enough fabric to cover the whole breast. It provides great support no matter what size your breasts are. It is a great choice for women with asymmetrical breasts. This choice makes their breasts look more even in size. It is also a good pick for plus sized women. It is best worn with outfits that are high necked. Some have an under wire, but others have no wire.

  1. Demi cup

This bra only covers half of each breast. It lifts the breasts with the help of an under wire, but leaves the middle part just below the throat uncovered. It is mostly worn with tops or dresses that have a plunging neckline. It does not offer much support. It is especially uncomfortable for women with large breasts and plus sized women. This bra is great for women with east, west breasts. It makes the nipples come together instead of facing outwards.

  1. Sports bra

This bra is made extra firm so that it can give maximum support during exercises. They come in different strengths to suit different levels of activity. They are a great source of protection and they prevent injury to the soft tissues of the breasts. They also help you focus on your activity instead of on keeping your breasts safe.

  1. Bandeau

This bra is simply a band of fabric that wraps around your breasts. It has no straps or under wire so it doesn’t give any support. It is mostly worn with tank tops and shoulder less tops or dresses. People with sagging breasts or large breasts will not be comfortable in this type of bra. Women with round firm breasts that are equal at the top and bottom look great in this bra.

  1. Strapless/Convertible

The strapless bra does not have any straps. However, it can be turned into a convertible bra if it has the necessary allowances. The convertible bra has straps that can be removed. The bra can be changed from a full cup to a halter or it can be crisscrossed around the back. A convertible is a must have for every woman because it can be worn with many tops of varying design. A strapless bra may not necessarily serve anyone well because it does not stay put around the breasts.

  1. Balconette

This bra covers only the bottom half of the breast. Most of them have an under wire that props up the visible top half of the breast. It is great for clothes that show a little cleavage. It fits well on all breast shapes.

  1. Adhesive

This is not really a bra, but a backless, seamless and strapless item. The component that covers the breasts is an insert, made of silicone. It sticks to the breasts and covers the nipple and areolas and some skin around them. It is ideal for women with small to medium sized breasts that are firm. It is great to wear with fabrics like silk that normally show the bra seams.

  1. Deep plunge

This type of bra dips sharply along the center. The U shaped center is designed to allow the wearer to don a dress or top with a plunging neckline. It is always padded for extra support. It can be worn by people with asymmetrical breasts because the cleavage draws attention away from the uneven size.

  1. Shelf bra

This bra is more suitably categorized as lingerie. It is largely made of lace and it leaves a part of the areola uncovered. It is also known as the pick-a-boo bra. It is similar to a Bralette. The bralette is wireless, with no clasps. It’s not good for support, but it is very comfortable. It is good for firm breasts that are round or bell shaped.

  1. A push up bra

It pushes the breasts in the center. It is padded and is great for asymmetrical breasts as it allows a woman to remove the extra padding in the bigger breast. It is also good for side set and slender breasts.

These are the general bra shapes that are available in the market. Special bras like nursing bras that allow breastfeeding and mastectomy bras that facilitate prosthetic are also available. This classification will help you choose a good bra that will suit your needs.

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