A corset is a women’s tightly fitting garment worn to train or hold the torso into a desired shape. It extends from below the chest to the hips, traditionally a smaller waist or larger bottom, to shape the figure into an hour-glass form. Some lingerie brands often confuse “corset” and “bustier” but they are very different. Bustiers feature a built-in bra with a shorter length while Corset don’t have bra and are longer made with fabric, leather or steel boned rigid.
The Main Types of Corsets:
1. Underbust Corsets a.Longline b.Cincher c.Corsets with wide straps d.Bodice e.Waspie f.Waist Trainers/Cinchers
2. Overbust Corsets a.Cupped corsets b.Lingerie corsets
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