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Introducing the Latest Sexy Lingerie Styles for 2017

Introducing the Latest Sexy Lingerie Styles for 2017

SexyXlingerie-Introducing the latest sexy lingerie styles for 2017Picking a lingerie is a lot like picking partner. What may seem stunning to someone else may leave you wondering what they were thinking. That is why lingerie designers have to bring new stuff into the market every year. The industry keeps reinventing itself. So last year’s masterpieces may soon be branded ordinary nighties.

The latest lingerie styles require confidence and a touch of boldness to pull off. They borrow a leaf from the popular lacy shorts and halter neck bras and lingerie tops. But they are more sexy, daring and out of the box. Don’t be afraid to bring out your fun and naughty side with one or all of these pieces.

Baby Doll Lingerie

Baby doll pieces are characterized by very short dresses. Imagine a young girl of about ten years old. She is experiencing a growth spurt and soon none of her dresses fit well. Even though they are all too short, her mum still wants her to wear them because of sentimental value. Because the girl is a preteen, the dresses look innocent and sexy at the same time.

This design specializes on one piece lingerie items. The dresses are made of lace, silk, and cotton. The variations include lacy see through baby doll dresses, spaghetti straps, halters, backless and polka dots. Embellishments, splicing, off the shoulder, plunging neckline and sequined lingerie are also very sexy. These pieces are baby doll lingerie in different colors and shapes.

They are available in lace, vintage style or silk. They are also designed with child themes. A baby doll lingerie piece may be a see through with teddy bears blocking out the nipple area. Other versions have the crotch covered by lollipops or sweets. One designer puts the head of a cat on the crotch area and a tail on its bottom. Plus size women love this design because it hides flaws such as a flabby tummy or a very large bottom.

Crotch Less Lingerie

Crotch less attire has taken the industry by storm. It basically presents pieces without fabric around the crotch or with an opening in the crotch. It works well with shorts and panties too. No dresses are involved in this one. This design is pulled off best on two pieces. A classic example is a lacy bra with crotch less lace shorts. It is a fascinating piece to wear under a dinner dress in anticipation of an exciting night ahead.

Sexy rompers have been made more interesting by this adventurous enhancement. The pieces cover the whole front of the torso and a small part of the back. The bottom is partly clothed while the crotch remains open. Some rompers make it more interesting by making the crotch edible. It is made of dark chocolate, which is harder than ordinary milk chocolate.

Some designs cover the crotch, but leave the breasts exposed. Cup less teddy bears are the most successful of this range. These designs cannot be incorporated into swimwear because they are too revealing. It is best suited for sleepwear.

Body Stocking Lingerie

Have you ever heard the saying that more is less? Well, body stocking lingerie corrupts this saying to come up with extremely sexy lingerie. The theme here is skin tight. The lingerie covers every part of the body but gives some access to the crotch. This could be an overlapping fabric or a zip. Sometimes it is in the form of a button or pin ups. It is put on the same way you wear a pair of stocking.

Body stocking prefer fabrics like fishnet and lace that contain nylon and spandex because of the elasticity. Silk is rarely used here. The shoulder less version is unique and is a must try. The stocking effect is clearly achieved when the piece is in black, red or deep purple. The contrast with the skin is what makes dark colors more appealing.

Leather body stocking are also available now, though it is a bit of a challenge to put them on or off. They go perfectly with a whip if you are the adventurous type.

Kimono Lingerie

The traditional Japanese kimono was a full length robe or dress that covered the body from neck to toe. The kimono lingerie is much shorter and the robe doesn’t close all the way. The wearer is covered up but the body is exposed just a little bit. It comes with a belt in case the wearer wishes to cover up completely.

It’s the kind of thing to wear on your honeymoon or on the first romantic getaway with a significant other. It is made of satin like the original kimono, but made more sexy with lace. The hems and sleeves are very attractive when made with lace. Brighter combinations of colors give kimonos the genuine Japanese touch. Plain colors and long kimonos are available too.

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