Lingerie history and different Types of Lingerie

Lingerie history and different Types of Lingerie 

Lingerie history and different Types of Lingerie
Lingerie history and different Types of Lingerie

The unique history of lingerie can be dated to 3000BC in Egypt. In those periods, there were several suggestions of different undergarments that could be worn. The choices led to the development of these types happed when the need arose. As ages passed, the need to entice men developed. Women came up with various inventions on how to lure men into passion so as to get certain favors. The word lingerie is developed from the word ‘linge’ which is French. This word means linen.

For centuries, this word was not used openly until the mid 19th century. In this era, there were noble women of power who had to put on the on for comfort and warmth. The middle ages were dominated by wealthy royalties which had to use this type of clothing as a sign of their dominance. In the beginning of the 20th century, there was a rapid evolution of lingerie. The first development was Caresse-Crosby which was shorter. The development has been rapid in the 21st century. The modern technology has led to the manufacture of different fabrics like seamless bras that come with romantic colors. With the inclusion of additional lovemaking charm, lingerie has added into the desires of both men and women.

Types of Lingerie

Baby doll

Baby doll is a short dress that can allow you to show a little more leg. The dress can be very light to the extent that it almost becomes transparent. In fact, there are transparent ones today. If you want a sexy appearance, the baby doll is your choice. There are different types and sizes based on the materials and your need. You can get Amanda Lace, Dana Lace, Lara Lace and different other options that can suit you best. Getting an attention should not be a problem at all with these.

Body stocking

These body stockings completely make you look sexy and exposed. The stockings do not cover anything. There are strips all over the clothes that make the body exposed almost every bit. The body stockings are not only for the leg, but the whole body. They hold your body so tight that you can be sure to draw your natural shape. Some of these clothes come with specially designed panties, and others leave the under pant section bare. There are several kinds like fishnet keyhole, ring net body stocking, floral lace, lace halters and several others.


Bodysuits will ensure that your curves are perfected and streamline. Your body will maintain a fresh look throughout. The Bodysuits can be full, or they can come in sexy blouses and skirts. The skirts are at the thigh level, and both your legs and a little thigh will be exposed. You can use a pair of ripped skinny for day wear, and you could have a streamline killer heel for the night. You can have a backless or neck fewer choices and let your body talk to you.


Brassieres are women’s garments with a general purpose of covering the breasts. The current evolution has led to the development of styles. Some of the brassieres have no strings on the top, and some are backless. These can be used depending on the selection of dresses.


Bustier is a form-fitting garment which pushes up the bust by ensuring that it is tightened against the upper midriff. They force the breasts up and make them appear straight. The bustier can be worn as a push-up bra or a camisole depending on the dress to be worn and the type of the bustier. It is very short and reaches the area of the waist.


Traditionally, a camisole is referred to different forms of jackets or even an oversized T-shirt. The evolution of the camisole has led to the current famous ones. The modern camisole is a loose fitting sleeveless undergarment that exposes the midriff.


A chemise is a long dress that hangs from the shoulder down to the knees. The dress gives the women a uniform shape. Mostly, chemises were used in the early 20th century, but their evolution has not been overly affected. It is usually made from silk or satin and mostly worn as a nightdress.


The corset is widely used in the shaping process in women. It trains the torso into a shape that is desired by the women. There are several designs of this lingerie, but the most common ones have smaller waists and broader bottoms. This design adapts the corset to its desired function.


This lingerie is also called a Cami knickers. Under one garment, the teddy dress covers both the torso and the crotch. It is a single piece and is loose on the body. It can also be used in swimming.





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