What are the Different Types of Stockings your Legs Deserve

What Are The Different Types of Stockings Your Legs Deserve

What are the Different Types of Stockings you Legs DeserveSince the late 16th century, stockings have never gone out of fashion. In every generation, this lingerie gets improved. They appear more attractive with the new inventions. During the colonial times, the stockings were treated as inner wears which were not to be exposed to the public. Currently, their evolution has led to more than one function. They are the best ways of flaunting the legs. The emerging technologies have led to their increase in varieties and qualities. In fact, they are almost separated by their difference in designs for specific functions. You can wear them under your skirts, or if you wish, it can be the only cloth on your body. You have to choose how to wear them, but the most important thing has them in your wardrobe. You cannot miss to have them. Consider these types for your selection.

Cuban heel stocking

These stockings are very erotic and high edged. The stockings are silky with a very smooth texture that complements the skin as it appears. They are bold, and their back seams are very sexy. They are best for an alluring and giving erotic signals.

Back seam stocking

These stockings have a unique design of a seam running down from the top of the stocking to the back of the leg. The back seams are very important when you want to be especially proactive, in the evening. You may want to try them out. These stockings come with a sexy new look, and they tend to complement your complexion, especially against a lesser light like a dim lamp.

Fishnet stockings

If you want a sexy and tempting appearance, fishnet stockings could be what you are looking for. There is a huge selection of the fishnet stockings that could match what you need for the tantalizing evening display. The classic fishnet thigh highs give the most interesting bedroom personality with quality and style.

Fence net stocking

These are very close to the fishnets, but there is a slight difference. The stockings are made from the same materials. The shape and purpose are almost similar. The only differentiating factor is that the fence nets are very coarse. They can give a tickling feeling when lightly brushed over the skin. They have a diamond shaped hole in the original material which are bigger in size. The toes of these stocking are usually reinforced so as to keep the toes from poking out of the holes since they are bigger in size.

Opaque stockings

These types of stockings can give a clear appearance and shape of the leg. The stockings are usually meant for use during the cooler seasons, so that the extreme areas of the leg cannot suffer cold. They have additional functions like increasing the desired sexy look.

Sheer stockings

These stockings are designed for use with garter belts. They are entirely made from nylon. These stockings add instant romance, especially in the evening hours. They complement the shape and the appearance of the legs, and they have lace at the top. They are smooth and silky, and they have extreme shaping capabilities.

Stay up stockings

Nothing captures the jazz era like the stay ups stockings. Their design is unique. The stockings are very elastic. The top of the stockings and the legs are flowery. There is a back seam that drives the eye down the stocking to the ankles. The view is perfect.

Stirrup Stockings

Stirrup Stockings are shiny and strong. They are quite luring, but you can hardly get to see beyond them. You could get tight or loose stirrup stockings depending on what you want to do with them. These stockings are also used to play baseball because of their protection. Most of them are opaque. For fashion, you can use stirrups with shiny shoes that complement the color.

Garter belts

These create a lead to the gaze all the way up. Garter belts are a special type of stockings that are rounded from down the legs up to the thighs. They tie the thighs to give them a flashy look. Usually, the garter belts are worn under short skirts.

Leg warmers

These stockings were originally used by classical dancers to keep the legs warm and prevent the legs from muscle injuries during dancing. They are used during the cold seasons to help in the generation of heat.

Knee-high stockings

These hosieries are mainly used to prevent the leg from the cold. They are currently worn with semi-formal attire. They are mostly made of nylon or other materials that provide warmth when needed. They are widely used by women in several societies

Thigh highs stockings

These could be the sexiest types of stockings available. They have an apparent feminine vibe, and all they whisper is seduction. They are very sophisticated, and they have a charming look that every woman should try them out.

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